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We love books, reading them, writing them and we love marketing and everything social. We want you to benefit from our years of knowledge, our 150K per month social reach and we want to help you build your author platform.

AUTHORS WEEK is a venue for you to post your established and emerging book, gain social exposure by our social media marketing as well as find tips, techniques and tricks to help you build your platform. On AUTHORSWEEEK you will also find platform marketing coaches, solution experts and programs to jumpstart your existing or new efforts.

AUTHORSWEEK is your crowdsourced latest book news, stories, tools and techniques website for established and emerging authors. We provide you with the latest breaking social media marketing insights and promotional strategies straight from the marketing industry.

Influence is the hottest currency now

When it comes to writing your way to success, finishing the book is only a step of many. Engaging with your readers, both promised and prospective, needs to begin before your title hits the shelves and after?this necessitates the use of a powerful platform not just for connecting with readers, but with fans, followers, advocates and other writers. Learning about and understanding expert tips and tools is key to successfully marketing yourself as a brand and your book, promising more sales, more interest and more influence.

You can monitor your influence through services like Klout, but growing that influence?and increasing that score?is the real trick. This may be done through social media engagement, which can offer a huge and positive impact on your public image. Not only can you interact directly with your audience, thereby painting a more down to earth, a real and colorful picture, but this engagement automatically helps to build interest in your upcoming title and increases the sense of anticipation in your promised and interested readers. This is called social proof.

With AUTHORSWEEK, you can increase your Klout score with the help of professional social media curators and the guidance of industry leaders. Follow the latest news, connect with the hottest new authors and learn to navigate the labyrinth of novel marketing with expert guides. Upload your book for perusal and easy social media marketing, check out the newest and most effective tools and programs from industry leaders and grow your influence to send your book flying off the shelves.

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