When life seems too good to be true?watch out.


deadly production – A Mapleton Mystery by Terry Odell

Maple?ton Police Chief Gor?don Hep?ler thinks his trou?bles with the small-town pol?i?tics are behind him. The town coun?cil has even awarded him a reserved park?ing place. But an early-morning sum?mons from the new mayor has Gor?don on alert.

Instead of yet another bud?get dis?pute, the mayor announces an inde?pen?dent film com?pany is mak?ing a movie in Maple?ton. For the mayor, it means good press for Mapleton?and more importantly?more money for the town cof?fers. For the cit?i?zens, it means rub?bing elbows with celebri?ties.

For Gor?don, the news means headaches, extra shifts, and sched?ul?ing issues. But he?s a pro. He?ll ensure the com?pany has his full coop?er?a?tion while con?tin?u?ing to pro?tect his town. When a mem?ber of the film crew is found dead, every?thing goes side?ways. The mayor pushes Gor?don to adopt a busi?ness as usual men?tal?ity, and let the film com?pany han?dle the inves?ti?ga?tion.

But a mur?der on Maple?ton soil makes it Gordon?s juris?dic?tion, and noth?ing the mayor says can make him halt his inves?ti?ga?tion. When other mem?bers of the cast and crew haven?t reported in, Gor?don won?ders if he?s look?ing for more sus?pects or more vic?tims. Will Gor?don lis?ten to the mayor, or risk his job to find the truth?


AttachmentWhen life seems too good to be true?watch out. 1

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