Understanding Your Legacy by Mike Bowden


This book is based on how I see the world through my eyes. I believe that we are remember for not just what we do for people, but more so how we make them feel. We tend to go through life on autopilot and miss valuable opportunities to leave a lasting memory.

Creating a living legacy will allow you to see the rewards of your contact with others in your own lifetime, rather than waiting until your last breath full of regrets.

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About Mike:

I out grew the old me

I describe myself as an average guy that?s had a challenging and turbulent life. I spent over 35 years working in the retail trade with roles from humble beginnings to senior management positions. The outside world may assess my life as a success, career wise it certainly was, but I always felt that I had missed out on so much of life. Working long and unsociable hours took its toll on my physical and mental health. I became isolated from my family and felt as though my spirit had been ripped from deep within my soul.

Mike Bowden

For many years I wore a mask, trying to conform to a world that was relentlessly taking pieces of me, until there was nothing left. Eventually my hollow shell crashed to the floor with dire consequences. I had to rebuild my life and decide what type of person I wanted to be. I had out grown my old life and felt a burning desire to redesign myself, to become a new me.

I had to reinvent myself

There could never be a sudden shift from my past to my future, there had to be a period of osmosis, a period of change. I knew my previous existence was too painful to continue but I was also frightened of an uncertain future. ?I persuaded myself to be open minded enough to try anything once, new hobbies became my passions.?My passions became my income.

I qualified as a Martial Arts Instructor -?I studied martial arts to build my fitness and confidence. It became my passion and I wanted to teach the skills that I had learned. Therefore, I pushed myself to become an instructor. I have now been successfully passing on my skills to others for over a decade, helping my students overcome their own personal challenges and to build their self-esteem, just as I had done for myself. I now work with students either on a 1-2-1 basis or seminar groups to build confidence and to perfect self-defence techniques.


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