Time 2 Transform

Time 2 Transform: A Guide 2 Getting & Keeping Everything You Want

by Vanessa Klinger

Time 2 Transform: A Guide 2 Getting & Keeping Everything You Want

This book will help you to finally understand the importance of your life and realize that every experience is a process aiding you in becoming a better version of YOU. Your life is a series of phases from birth to death and within those phases are processes revolving around activities that you?ve helped to create from your decisions. Your decisions are what?s going to dictate the next phase of your life and how long the process will take for you to realize. Your responses to those experiences are what?s going to determine the cyclic revolutions within those phases.

Learn to understand and trust the process called your life. When you do, you will begin to realize that you are the STAR in your play called life and that you and GOD agreed which type of characters were needed to birth the best version of you during this lifetime. You & GOD decided which version you would meet before the foundation of the world. Allow this book to serve as a flashlight guiding you to the door of your new you, in which you have always had the key. Ready to meet the new YOU? Let?s Go!

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