The Year of YES! by Tracee Sioux


What happens when you say YES! to everything your Soul tells you to do for one year?

The Year of YES! is one woman?s spiritual journey to free herself
the conventions that bound her Soul. This memoir is a raw, unflinching confrontation with the pain and regrets of a jagged past, an exploration of sacred (and not-so-sacred) sex, a slaying of demons, a aptism,and a transmutation of self.
Tracee Sioux starts her Year of YES! on the heels of a divorce. Having tanked her career for motherhood, she was making $600 a month and feeding her kids from the food bank. Yet, her Soul made a promise: Follow me, I know where I?m going, I know the fastest, easiest way to get there and I will never, ever steer you wrong.
She said YES!

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The Year of YES! by Tracee Sioux 1

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