The Triad

The Triad: Three Civic Virtues That Could Save American Democracy Kindle Edition by Brian Aull (Author)

by Brian Aull

‘The Triad: Three Civic Virtues That Could Save American Democracy’, offers solutions to the problems that threaten American democracy. At the same time, it takes a fresh look at issues that have traditionally divided liberals from conservatives.

The best books on politics sometimes come from authors who are not ?experts.? ‘The Triad?, authored by an engineer, is a case in point. Aull offers a vision of what a healthy democracy looks like, and proposes practical steps that citizens can take to get us there. He advocates three civic virtues, which he calls service, learning, and community building. Civic engagement based on these virtues is the key to changing the perverse incentives that lead to bitter partisanship, media bias, and political corruption.

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