The Stonewall Reader

The Stonewall Reader Paperback ? April 30, 2019 by New York Public Library (Editor), Edmund White (Foreword)
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by New York Public Library  (Editor), Edmund White (Foreword)


The Stonewall uprising, is an anthology chronicling the tumultuous fight for LGBTQ rights in the 1960s and the activists who spearheaded it, with a foreword by Edmund White.

June 28, 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, which is considered the most significant event in the gay liberation movement, and the catalyst for the modern fight for LGBTQ rights in the United States.

Drawing from the New York Public Library?s archives, The Stonewall Reader is a collection of first accounts, diaries, periodic literature, and articles from LGBTQ magazines and newspapers that documented both the years leading up to and the years following the riots. Most importantly the anthology spotlights both iconic activists who were pivotal in the movement, such as Sylvia Rivera, co-founder of Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries (STAR), as well as forgotten figures like Ernestine Eckstein, one of the few out, African American, lesbian activists in the 1960s. The anthology focuses on the events of 1969, the five years before, and the five years after. Jason Baumann, the NYPL coordinator of humanities and LGBTQ collections, has edited and introduced the volume to coincide with the NYPL exhibition he has curated on the Stonewall uprising and gay liberation movement of 1969.


?This window into the daily lives of activists and ordinary people fighting passionately against injustice is illuminating and inspiring.?
?Publishers Weekly
?Through his skillful curation, [editor Jason Baumann] offers a corrective for what is too often a sanitized, homogenous, and whitewashed portrayal of academics and professionals about the event sometimes termed ?the hairpin drop heard around the world.? ? The first-person narratives collected here effectively spotlight the social inequalities surrounding the LGBTQ community, many of which persist today. A bold rallying cry that should help in the continuing fight for LGBTQ rights.?
?Kirkus Reviews
?This masterful collection is perhaps one of the most exhaustive looks at the events surrounding Stonewall from the LGBTQ perspective and provides a wonderfully diverse cast of voices.?
?Library Journal
??Excellent compilation of first-person accounts from before, during, and after the pivotal 1969 riot?THE STONEWALL READER features a diverse array of voices?folks from across the LGBTQ spectrum telling their stories over decades in essays and interviews and letters.?
?The Atlantic

Congratulations @nypl The Stonewall Reader is a significant book that does welcome justice to an event that author Edmund White, who wrote the foreword, says sparked ?an oceanic change in thinking.?? ?Booklist Click To Tweet
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