The Power Of Hello

The Power of Hello Kindle Edition by Phebe Shumate-Yawson (Author)

by Phebe Shumate-Yawson

This book is for teens and young adults who want to be loved and accepted as they are.

The Power of Hello is a narrative through the eyes of Lola, a thirteen-year-old girl who was afraid to make friends but is then unexpectedly befriended by Briyah Lewis, the richest, most beautiful, and popular girl in school. It?s a story about her journey, how she goes from funny and shy then becomes strong and wise, stronger than she ever knew she could be with the wisdom of her grandmother instilled in her since her infancy. Lola and her friends go through it all together?misunderstandings that nearly end their friendship, bullying, bad hair days, and bad breath. These friends stand together with the help of one another and their parents and Lola?s guardian angel, Rokan (he?s an eagle). These friends love and protect one another through the Power of Hello.

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