The Long Road Home: One woman’s true story of reclaiming her life along the legendary Camino de Santiago by Alesa Teague


When Alesa sets off on a 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain known as the Camino de Santiago, she can?t yet fully express why she would undertake such a challenging trek.

61UHBafsSML._UX250_All she knows is she needs to get far, far away from her pain and everything she knows ? an irretrievably broken marriage, a traumatic bout with cancer, a deep river of depression leaving her little desire to even continue living and isolating her further from her beloved teenage daughter. Desperate to reconcile her past and find meaning again, she sells her business and abandons her life for five weeks to walk the Camino with just a backpack and a prayer. Little did she know that something had to die on the journey in order for her to really live again.


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