The Lady of the Glen

The Lady of the Glen: The Glen Highland Romance

by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple  (Author)

From Book 1:

The Lady of the Glen 1

An exciting, tantalizing romance! Meg, a poor crofter’s daughter, finds her life taking a tumultuous turn when she is sent to the Laird’s castle for her own safety. English marauders, accusations of witchcraft, and treason are just the beginning for her. 

Meg Lachlan is certain of her place in her clan. When English mercenaries plaguing the Scottish Highlands aim their attacks on Clan MacLeod and Meg herself, the Laird’s son takes up the mantle to protect the young woman. 

Ewan MacLeod believes that bringing Meg to the castle will guard her against the English attacks, but when he finds his passions for the young lass growing, they begin a love affair that many call into question — most notably the daughter of a nearby laird who has her sights set on Ewan for herself. 

As Meg and Ewan struggle against accusations of witchcraft, the English step up their onslaught, and it seems the clan is beset on all sides, until the discovery of a traitor in their midst threatens to tear down all that Meg and Ewan have worked so hard to build. 

With the security of their clan, their families, even themselves at risk, can they rise above all the challenges that stand in the way of their love? 

Bonus: This version contains an excerpt of the second in The Glen Highland Romance series — The Lady of the Glen. 

Book 2:

The Lady of the Glen: The Glen Highland Romance Kindle Edition

by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple  (Author)

The Lady of the Glen 2

Elayne MacNally knew one thing for certain:  Her reputation as the willful harpy of the highlands was well earned.  

As the spoiled daughter of the successful Laird MacNally, Elayne got whatever she wanted, until the man she thought she would wed rejected her.  Dejected and reconsidering her lot in life, her father comes up with an opportunity that could change the course of her life and perhaps her reputation as well. 

Declan MacCollough also knew one thing for certain: He did not want to follow in his father?s footsteps as Laird of the reputed ?Beast Clan.? 

Following his father?s death, Declan had a lot of work ahead of him to reclaim any sense of respect for his people.  Families had fled; fathers would not permit their daughters to wed into the clan. Declan wanted, more than anything, to recreate his clan into one deserving of service to the King. The first step Declan must take is to find a wife with enough backbone to help him tame his clan, help it grow, and gain back respect.  

Learning of Elayne and her reputation, Declan offers to wed the lass ? an arranged marriage of sorts.  With no other choices open to her, Elayne decides that the Laird of the Beast Clan is her best, if only, option. 

What happens when she arrives is a strange and passionate meeting of the minds between herself and Declan.  Playing on each other?s strengths, they maneuver around those who attempt to prevent the marriage as a play for power. However, Declan?s past affiliations with the King are not welcome by all, and the challenges to their marriage become the least of their worries. 

Can Declan and Elayne trust each other enough to face the threats to the MacCollough clan and their very lives? 

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