The Keepers of Mana’an

The Keepers of Mana'an Paperback ? September 27, 2015 by Stephen J. Miller (Author)

The Keepers of Mana'an By Stephen J. Miller

The fate of the universe rests in the hands of two New Yorkers: a pretty grad student and an unsuccessful actor.

The Keepers of Mana'an Paperback ? September 27, 2015 by Stephen J. Miller  (Author)They must traverse the island of Manhattan during the worst snowstorm in NY history to save a young kidnapped boy from torture and death. They have no idea of the great battle that rages on unseen by mankind. Journeying through unimaginable parallel worlds, they must try to save the boy and battle a great evil flowing forth from City Hall.
An old-school fantasy novel set in modern-day Manhattan.


“The Keepers of Mana’an restores your faith in humanity…?Five Stars!” —

About the Author

Stephen J. Miller graduated from New York University and has lived in NYC for over 30 years. He’s married and lives happily with his husband in the East Village.
A fan of video and board games, going to the movies, and all things Tolkien — he can get lost for hours in RPG video games, epic fantasy/adventure films, or re-reading the Lord of the Rings once again.
His first novel, The Keepers of Mana’an, is inspired by the great city he has loved for all these years and is dedicated to the magic that is found down every avenue, within every door, and in every New Yorker’s heart.

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