The False Prophet

The False Prophet (Stonegate Book 2) Kindle Edition by Harry James Fox (Author), Dawn Schuldenfrei (Editor)

Swords Clash in Colorado &?Freedom Hangs in the Balance

The False Prophet (Stonegate Book 2) Kindle Edition by Harry James Fox  (Author), Dawn Schuldenfrei (Editor)This is the sequel to the award-winning Christian fantasy novel, The Stonegate Sword. All the major characters return, Donald, Rachel, Carla, and Philip. But the novel stands on its own, and it is not necessary to have read the first book in the series.

The world of the future is hauntingly familiar, but the rugged Rocky Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico now have walled cities and firearms are only a distantly-remembered past. Ore are they? The False Prophet is on the path of conquest and he has rediscovered the art of making cannons strong enough to destroy the strongest walls. One target of his hate is a lore-man named Donald of Fisher, who has been forced to lay down his pen and pick up a sword.

Stonegate remains the key, and Donald returns to that great walled city and his beloved Rachel just as the hosts of enemy are also closing in. Part adventure, part love story, this epic saga covers the vast panorama of New Mexico deserts and Colorado Rockies in a possible future that looks very much like the medieval past. But duty, love, courage, and honor remain and are even more important than ever.

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