The Death Doll

The Death Doll Kindle Edition by K.D. Carter (Author)

by K.D. Carter  (Author)

In the summer of 1692, the infamous Salem witch trials were underway in Massachusetts Colony, North America. Meanwhile, a new Governor was appointed over New Hampshire colony, but his only interest was the land he felt entitled to. Citizens of Durham, New Hampshire, were losing property they?d farmed for years.

It was a dangerous time to come to the Colonies, but Kate Tremont had no choice. Having lost her father and her home in Kingston, Jamaica, she sailed to Durham, New Hampshire to stay with her only living relative ? William Stoddard, a farmer and devout Puritan. William demands obedience and conformity if Kate wants to stay, but that?s not the worst of it. Kate finds that enemies are easier to make than friends when she gives a doll to a child. When her act of kindness is twisted and used against her, Kate learns that evil happens when good people get angry!

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