The Courage to be Profitable


Get and Stay Profitable in Less than 30 Minutes a Month

This #1 Best Selling Book (Amazon, 2013) is written in English, not accounting babble. Unless you are an accountant, you don’t start and operate your business to do bookkeeping and financials. Yet, bookkeeping and financial statements are critical to stay in business. This book shows you the easy want to understand and analyze your financial statements in less than 30 minutes a month.

Editorial Reviews

“If you have expert financial skills you’ll appreciate the metrics and ratio’s Ruth has skillfully produced. If you’re a novice, King poses the questions, outlines the answers and gives solutions to questions you may not even have known to ask. It would take years to learn all of this on you own. Invest in yourself, invest in your company, read and understand the contents of this book and become a better, more sound business owner”. — Terry Tanker, Publisher, HVACR Business

“The Courage to be Profitable'”” is a must-read for small business owners interested in genuinely growing a profitable company. King shows that it?s simply not enough to generate revenue—you have to ensure your business is profitable. She provides readers with straightforward, easy-to-follow steps you must take and helps you recognize the warning signs when things aren?t going as anticipated. Plus, she gives you the courage and tools to create and run a success, profitable organization.” — Beth Goldstein, President, Marketing Edge Consulting Group, Author, Lucky by Design

From the Author

I have helped thousands of small business owners understand and manage their businesses by the numbers.  This book gives you the methods, templates, and analysis I use to assist company owners grow their businesses profitably.

I wrote this book to help the millions of business owners like you that I will never meet personally. Unless you are a bookkeeper or CPA, you didn’t start your business to do accounting.  However, to stay in business you must learn to review and analyze the financial segment of your company. I show you how to do this in my book.

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