The Artist’s Manifesto


by Larry Maguire

The Artist?s Manifesto. It is a call to arms to creative people like you to hold true to your creative integrity.

It is a call to artists everywhere return to making art that matters, to follow our hearts, to create for the sake of it instead of following popular opinion.

You see, there is a strong and powerful draw from the world to conform, to row in, to be a part of the machine.

It says to be worthy you must be successful. In order to be successful, you?ve got to follow the rules.

You?ve got to go to school, do science, engineering or maths. Get a job, pay tax, vote, don?t break the law and be a good member of society

I say no way, and I want you to join me.

I believe everyone is an artist at birth, only we are conditioned out of it. Primed to be obedient, to follow the rules. I?m tired of trying to fit in and make the system work for me. Something has to change and I believe it?s time.

I am an artist, a creative person.

I?m guessing you are too, because you?re reading this, even if you?re not presently calling yourself so.

I?ve always been an artist, I felt it just like you do. That feeling of something bigger and broader, waiting for me. That something inside me, a feeling that I can?t explain.

It drew me to weird people, to freaks, people with tattoos and crazy hair and crazy clothes, to bars with alternative music, to lyrics of songs, to arty non conformist things.

To the hidden meaning in words and sentences, to a deeper reality that escapes most of the world. It all just felt like it was my place.

But instead of following what felt natural I chose to fit in. I chose to be normal, to get a job, to follow the pre written rules for survival and success.

But it didn?t last.

I was working in the world others made, and I was bound by the rules of that game. On one side I had this need to make unique things, and on the other I had this idea that I needed to follow the rules.

This was like trying to ride two horses at the same time and it didn?t work. I ignored my inner voice for years and made many wrong decisions along the way.

After many years of hammering that square peg into a round hole, I finally gave up and decided to follow the voice.

Have you ever felt like I did?

Are you tired of trying to make those shoes fit?

Is the constant need for acceptance killing your creativity?

If you?re fed up following the rules others made and if you?re ready to follow your heart then The Artist?s Manifesto is for you.

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