How To Survive A Broken Marriage

How To Survive A Broken Marriage by Thelma B Cousin

by Thelma B Cousin

Your wedding day has finally arrived. The man of your dreams is patiently waiting for you to meet him at the altar. A familiar and still voice is speaking to your heart telling you to turn back. Instead, you ignore the voice. You marry him and daydream about the beautiful life you will have after you say “I Do.”

Months pass…you see the signs. Something is wrong. You asked the question, “What’s wrong with me?” Denial has lingered around for some time now and you refuse to see it living in your own home. This is the house that you both built and now it is the house that he broke. Can you survive? By this point, you have more pain than power and you’re numb to forgiveness. It’s now about mending a heart your husband has torn apart.

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