Spring Blooms & Murder


Mikki Bridgewater is a small town girl who has struggled with what to do in life.

Spring Blooms & Murder 1She has wonderful friends, a secret crush, and she has finally found her happy place in her candle shop Mountain Lights Candle & Gifts. She is gearing up for the Bloom into Spring festival and all is going well. But when murder rocks the small town of Pine Ridge West Virginia Mikki finds that she also has a knack for solving crime. Too bad the killer knows this too. Will Mikki find that she is the next victim? Or will she use her crime solving skills to bring the killer to justice?

About the Author

Amy Curry was born in the hills of eastern Kentucky. She grew up loving to read and later began writing poetry. She is married to her wonderful husband Richard and they currently live in east Tennessee with their two dogs. In addition to books, Amy loves 80’s music and being on the lake either fishing or reading. She previously owned a candle shop and now works as a payroll manager. She recently released her first book in the cozy mystery category titled Spring Blooms & Murder.


Top Customer Reviews

on March 23, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Meet Mikki Bridgewater, the owner of Mountain Lights Candle & Gifts, in Pine Ridge, West Virginia. Mikki is busy getting ready for the Bloom into Spring festival when her small town is rocked with the murder of Jamie Nicole Martin. Jamie’s body was found among her prize winning rose bushes, bludgeoned to death. Jamie was a mean spirited and vindictive rumor monger with only one real friend. When the murder weapon is found hidden in the garage of Mikki’s best friend, Meg, Mikki knows the killer is covering their tracks. Mikki loves her forensic crime TV shows and puts her knowledge to work to find the real killer. Officer Paul Richards and his team interview every person in the town with mixed results. He has had a thing for Mikki and she him, since their school days but neither has every admitted it out loud! When her unassuming visit to ask a question, turns into a deadly confrontation with the killer, Mikki wonders if she will live to finish her window display for the Bloom into Spring festival’s Best Window Display. I found that the characters were well fleshed out for a first in a series book. There was enough background on them and the town in general to give us an entertaining adventure. The murder plot was certainly original. The book is written in the first person, with Mikki, Paul and the killer each taking a chapter and giving us their viewpoint. I totally enjoyed this debut cozy and I can’t wait for the next book. Small southern town humor comes thru with some very funny results that will make you smile. I think any cozy mystery lover will enjoy this new author and series!
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