She Cried Wolf

She Cried Wolf (Summer Tales) by Phebe Yawson (Author), David Goss (Editor)

by Phebe Yawson (Author), David Goss (Editor)

She Cried Wolf (Summer Tales) by Phebe Yawson (Author), David Goss (Editor)

Soft spoken, introvert Tyese, a girl on the cusp of womanhood, trips into a world where spirits battle for power using human souls as leverage. Once aware of this newfound world, her grandmother reveals to her that she has a role to play in this ancient war. Tyese is unsure of herself and overcome with the pressure of saving the world, but when her back is to the wall she will have to fight or humanity will not survive.


Phebe Shumate-Yawson graduated from Devry College of Technology in 2002 with an Associates Degree in Telecommunications Management and Special Honors in social and academic achievements. Currently she is an Award-winning author.

She was homeschooled and graduated at the age of 16 before attending Devry College of Technology in the summer. Upon graduating from Devry she moved to Ghana, Africa for over 15 years. There she assisted a midwife for over 9 years learning much about healthcare and midwifery.

She wrote music for children in hospitals, performed in sketches for under privileged and orphan children. She assisted in the cooking and feeding of over 200 children a week.

While in Ghana, she expressed her passion for poetry and rapping in a known band that performed all over the country, at schools, weddings, a variety of villages, even prominent events for sitting Presidents of Ghana such as the Panafest.

She was the Assistant Director for a distance learning program where students from all over the world where able to video conference with one another a dispel myths about each other?s countries and get to know one another and the truth about where they each lived.

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