Rumla: The Circle

Rumla: The Circle Paperback ? March 1, 2017 by Lisa G (Author)

by Lisa G (Author)

Rumla: The Circle Paperback ? March 1, 2017 by Lisa G (Author)Lose YOURSELF in the MYSTERY.


LOVE the journey.


When the worlds survival is dependent on a destiny designed of a predetermined prophecy, discovering the secrets at all costs becomes necessity.

Incorporating myth & historical content, RUMLA is an addictive mix of fact and fiction. A story of conquering fear & finding inspiration within, RUMLA warms hearts of all ages with something we all can relate to.

What does an she have to do with tales of myth and legend, of serpents and curses, of Royal lines, the armies of rulers past and of a trail of clues hiding secrets of a predestined prophecy?

Absolutely everything!

Though she does not know, there are people that do.

A sequence of exceptional events see her desires to escape the grind of Rumlalian life granted with the adventure of her dreams. Though her fear raises doubts, an insatiable appetite to know all propels her deeper into the mystery in search of the secret.

Before long, she comes to realise there had never been a choice for her and that Rumla, protected by an intricate series of connections, was far from ordinary.

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