Poverty’s Finest

Poverty's Finest Kindle Edition by Chanell J. Wilson (Author)

Kindle Edition

by Chanell J. Wilson  (Author)  

Mac wants his family back.

Poverty's Finest Kindle Edition by Chanell J. Wilson (Author)

Reesha, Mac’s wife doesn’t know if she can trust him-but knows his presence is needed for their son and financial reciprocity. Rufus-The Kid just wants to ease his mind-he sedates as best he can to shutdown the record player. Evie just wants to live the life with Gold Digger Economics and achieve some type of status, but gets more than she bargained.

Poverty’s Finest by Author Chanell J. Wilson – A short story about 4 People, 1-Five Dollar Bill, and a Series of Life-Altering Transactions.

A story about black American Conditioning like you’ve never heard it before….Debt is as American as American Pie. And The foundations of the economic trade is built on the brokenness of descendants of enslaved humans.

It’s not the stereotypical grit of the street life, but the human behavioral reactions and responses created out of quick decisions and just simply not having enough. Humans living and striving to overcome a system through the mental strife of all this conditioning…

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Born into Poverty…yet Still Human

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