A Normal Girl’s Guide to Life & Consciousness


A modern day girls story

by Louise Davies (Author)

A Normal Girl's Guide to Life & Consciousness by Louise Davies (Author)

At this point in time we find ourselves in, we are such curious beings about WHO and WHAT we truly are, which can be a difficult period to manoeuvre in someone?s life, knowing where to get the information from and how to start your own personal life?s journey to ?awaken? to the real world or even to know what that actually means in the first place, is confusing!?
My book is called ?A ?Normal? girl?s guide to life & consciousness?, what do I mean by that? And what do I want people reading this book to be able to take away from the experience?

My book is a device to help everyone, male or female, young or old, absolutely anyone starting to be consciously aware of the world around them, those seeking ?something? but not knowing exactly what that ?something? is, those who feel there is a higher purpose to their life but feeling stuck in a (self-induced) rut, my true life story can help with those illusive next steps that you know deep down, you really want to take, to start gaining the tools and the knowledge of the souls awakening process, I hope to inspire and to guide those people ready for the next stage of their life journey, to start to understand more about energy & consciousness in a ?normal? way, rather than something too hard to grasp, that is too way out there to be able to relate to, often depicted by a guru or a philosopher, this is a modern day account of one girls story, to her finding her life purpose and how we can all do the same, but in your own bespoke way, once you know how to take the initial leap with a little help from a friend. Remember strangers are just friends we haven?t met yet, enjoy and see you on the other side!!

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