Legacies, The First of Four Epic Novellas

Legacies: Novella 1 of the Mythos Chronicles Kindle Edition by Bebe Lightsmith (Author), Chris Smith (Editor)

by Bebe Lightsmith  (Author), Chris Smith (Editor)

Legacies introduces you to the world of mythos and the main characters of the series. In this first novella, they are young first-year academy students, being introduced to the vast world of Mythos that they were born into. Through a quest for Excalibur, our heroes go through peril and come out the other side closer because of it. We were told we were special. For the first time since Ancient Camelot, the Legacies of Emrys, Pendragon, and Le Fay are represented in the same generation. 

Owen must find his path; Master of MagicRyker knew his path from the day he was born; King of Knights. And Ivy must make her own; Queen of Sorcery Meeting at MBIA, we find the pressures of society and status overshadowed by a dark cult that sparked a perilous adventure we could have never anticipated. 

The Universe has a question, and it will get its answer. 

Enjoy the first of four novellas of the Epic Mythos Chronicles Series. 

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