Journey to the Heart of the World


Journey to the Heart of the World: A Humanitas Media Publishing Edition Paperback ? September 22, 2016JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF THE WORLD – When a teenager from the Catskills is led by a talking butterfly to the mountain home of a lost tribe in the jungles of South America, the Elders? sacred teachings initiate dream-like adventures through his past and future lives, revealing the secrets of their spiritual and environmental message ? and the purpose of life.

JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF THE WORLD (15 chapters, 278 pages, 92,000 words) is an engaging contemporary myth, a classic hero journey, a fantasy adventure novel based on a true story. Adam Rivera is a teenager living in New York when his mother dies of cancer. Adam narrates the story of being led by a talking butterfly, in a series of what may or may not have been dreams, to a mystical mountain in South America where he meets his wise teachers, the Elders of a lost tribe of indigenous peoples who fled the coast at the time of Columbus – a people who believe themselves to be the Heart of the World. The teachings of the shamanic elders trigger several dream-like heroic adventures through Adam?s past and future lives, adventures that include learning to fly around the world, engaging the Spanish conquistadores on the Colombian shores, a conversation with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, a consciousness-expanding experience with magic mushrooms and talking plants and trees, and an encounter with a future Steve Jobs in a Manhattan that is largely under water. In each of these adventures the protagonist finds a way to make a small but meaningful difference in the future of the planet. He learns the importance of every choice he will ever make in life. In the end, the hero comes to understand the true purpose of his life, and the spiritual prescription for saving the life of his endangered Earth Mother.

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