INSIDE OUT- One Actors Nightmarish Journey Of Incarceration

Inside Out Kindle Edition by Jack Kearney (Author)

by Jack Kearney

Inside Out weaves together an engrossing story of a young actor who, after volunteering for a unique project to teach drama to inmates of the local medium-security prison, months later finds himself locked in a cell as a convict. Where he now has already made friends and unforgiving enemies. It introduces the reader to multitude of characters. Some are good, some are bad, and a few are just evil. It is a fictional account of what happens to an ?Everyman? that gets caught up in a system deliberately designed to treat all felons the same.

Utilizing a groundbreaking format, Follow Danny Belson as he goes from a care free beach volleyball loving, pool shooting, actor, who’s only worry is knowing when his next audition will come, to a convicted murderer. Written using flashbacks, with no chapters, learn what a struggling actor goes through, and how, after his incarceration, Danny’s life is turned INSIDE OUT.

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