Hear Me Sing Book I (Edery, R. 2016)

Hear Me Sing: Book I Paperback ? November 24, 2016 by M.S.W., L.C.S.W., Rivka A. Edery (Author)

Hear Me Sing: Book I Paperback ? November 24, 2016 by M.S.W., L.C.S.W., Rivka A. Edery (Author)

Rivka Edery, M.S.W, L.C.S.W.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of my second book: Hear Me Sing Book I (Edery, R. 2016)

My work with victims of great suffering have brought me to a new level of spiritual transformation, which I invite you to experience. In my new book, Hear Me Sing Book I, I completely embody my identity as a spiritual healer and I become a psalmist. My songs are of transforming the pain of unrequited love. My poems celebrate the heart that continues to be grateful for love after rejection, for love abiding despite the trauma of abandonment, a love that prevails through being forsaken, that survives the obliterating cruelty of solitude. I show my reader how we are never alone, as whimsical healing partners emerge in the form of Rivka’s various crones, goddesses, trolls and monsters in a landscape glittering with wonders. Hear Me Sing Book I is a passionate recording of a beautiful heart that never stops singing and loving. The pain of this poet is not that of a victim asking for mercy, but the seizing of archetypal adventure and relishing a full, joyful emotional life.

Available in both paperback and Kindle! https://goo.gl/B4gvsZ

My first book, ?Trauma and Transformation: A 12-Step Guide? (Edery, R. 2013) http://goo.gl/o3BndU is not just another self-help book, for trauma survivors, seeking a spiritual solution. It is a therapeutic method, blending modern clinical concepts, and ancient spiritual principles. I “discovered” this, as I observed what was lacking in western, modern systems of treatment. Although there are over 400 clinical practices – many of them “evidence-based” – and close to 300 different diagnoses for clients – very little focuses on the client’s spiritual nature. The human being can be likened to a triangle: the strongest physical structure, and an ancient symbol of spirituality. This is the reason that 12 Step programs use this symbol. The triangle holds the secret to successful treatment. A person is composed of a soul, mind, and body, and ALL THREE must be addressed for one to heal.

I look forward to receiving your comments and feedback! Happy Reading!

Respectfully Yours,
Rivka Edery, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.
Website: www.rivkaedery.com
Author of: “Hear Me Sing: Book I” (2016)
?Trauma and Transformation: A 12-Step Guide? (2013)

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