Glory on Mars

Glory on Mars: Mars Colonization Book 1 Kindle Edition by Kate Rauner (Author)

by Kate Rauner  (Author)

Emma’s one-way journey to Mars is careening towards disaster. She came to explore in her robotic walkabout suit, but something is terribly wrong at the new colony. Crippled by an inexplicable sense of desolation, with friends lost to suicide and a traumatic accident, this international team battles human frailties and the real dangers of the Red Planet.

With grit, Emma pursues her adventure. She finds an ally for exploration in Claude, a German geologist. Ying and Yang, a pair of Brits, embrace the hostile planet’s challenge with the help of their construction robots, “the best erector set ever,” and the colony’s artificial intelligence. Her Canadian friend Liz will bear any burden to gain a foothold on to Mars, but Ruby, a Polynesian Kiwi, is inexplicably hostile.

Journey through interplanetary space with these settlers, inhabit cold stone bays, and feel the massive grandeur of a barren planet. Join this young adult woman’s struggle with a compelling central mystery. The question isn’t if the colonists can transform Mars into a home, but if they’ll survive at all.

Colonizing Mars belongs to today’s headlines from NASA, Mars One, The Mars Society, SpaceX, and others. Follow the growing excitement for discovery and exploration away from the early fantasies of Edgar Rice Burroughs to Ben Bova [The Grand Tour Mars], Kim Stanley Robinson [Red Mars], and Andy Weir [The Martian]. To Kate Rauner’s On Mars series – a near-future colony you might live in someday.

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