Feels Like Home Again: Collected Poems by Joel Weishaus


Feels Like Home Again traces forty years of Joel Weishaus? natural, poetic and spiritual life, from a military post in Massachusetts, to the San Francisco of the 1960s, to the mountains of Japan and Northern California, to New Mexico?s high desert; and from modernism to the thrums of post-modernism.

In this collection, Weishaus, who is mainly known as a Digital Literary Artist and literary critic, reveals deeper levels of his past and its aesthetics. ?I had always thought of myself as a writer, not a maker of poems to be spoken. It was only when re-reading and revising the poems for this collection, knowing they were about to be collected, that I began to hear and feel in their movement the life they had cultivated over the years. It was like waking up to my own voice and its place within the human community.?

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