Evidence of the Vampire: Roman Spring

Evidence of the Vampire: Roman Spring

by Brette O’Connell

Evidence of the Vampire: Roman Spring

EVIDENCE OF THE VAMPIRE follows CSI Sarah Baker and Father Patrick Martin in their quest to find a sadistic serial killer responsible for the deaths of at least eight people in Northern Nevada and California. Their investigation is thwarted at every turn as the evidence takes the pair farther into territory they never thought they?d find themselves.

Where will the evidence lead you? 2016 Bronze Award Winner National Literary Habitat Book Awards.


Brette O’Connell lives in beautiful Northern Nevada.

Ms. O’Connell’s short stories and poetry have been published in “Chamber Cameos” and “Mask: Tales from the Underground 2.”

Her children’s book “Wishes and Wings” has received five-star reviews. Her first novel, a crime/forensics/romance entitled “The Measure of a Man,” has also been quite well received. “Changing Terms” is a sweet May-December romance with a twist.
“Evidence of the Vampire,” a crime/forensics/paranormal thriller, will keep the reader?s interest until the very last page. It won BRONZE in the 2016 National Literary Habitat Book Awards.
“Evidence of the Vampire: Roman Spring” is the second volume in the “Evidence of the Vampire” trilogy.Ms. O’Connell holds a degree in Administration of Justice/Forensic Science Technology and is a member of the American Criminal Justice Association. One of her crime scene diagrams was published in “Crime Scene Investigation: The Forensic Technician’s Field Manual.”In her free time, Ms. O’Connell enjoys keeping up with her friends around the world via social media, going to the theatre, attending lectures, and seeing the latest movies.


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