Disaster at Havendale


by Richard E. Davis  (Author)


Disaster at Havendale Paperback ? November 9, 2015 by Richard E. Davis  (Author)

Havendale, Missouri – population 15,025. It’s shaping up to be a near perfect Spring day. The weather is warming towards summer, and school is winding down with a weekend dance to look forward to. However, budding meteorologist, Dick Travis, knows things are not always as they seem… With a tornadic onslaught of epic proportions bearing down on the town, Travis, together with his teacher and mentor Ted Dalton, must find a way to save as many as they can before the deadly storm hits.

This novella is a labor of love that spans a few decades; it was first conceived thirty-plus years ago, and has seen many revisions along the way as technology has advanced. However, the main storyline remains the same.   It is not a full-blown novel; rather, it was written to be, first and foremost, an epic disaster movie along the lines of “The Towering Inferno” and “The Poseidon Adventure”; character-driven while laden with some awesome special-effects. The reader just has to strap in and be driven along by the spectacle of it all. It is my hope than one day it will come to the silver screen, where the enormity of the story can truly be realized.   It is my joy; the fruition of a dream come true. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in bringing it to life!

About the Author

Richard E. Davis was born in Monticello, Kentucky and has lived in metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Springfield, MO; and Orlando, FL. He has been writing for over 35 years; his first novella, “Disaster at Havendale,” won the 2015 Wildwood Fiction Prize over numerous international entrants. He is currently working on a sequel as well as several other novels and short story compilations. He and his wife, Jeannie, live in beautiful southeastern Wisconsin.

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