DestinyOS by Michael Glock Ph.D.

DestinyOS by Michael Glock Ph.D.

By Michael Glock Ph.D.


DestinyOS fuses the Jungian project, the philosophy of the Western Apache, journaling, and Descartes? Scientific Method together in order to leave your own ?dark ages? & reach personal renaissance.

This book is a J. F Kennedy Moon Shot project but on the self and for the Self, a grand journey where you become the reborn Hero with a Thousand Faces. You will meet obstacles and allies along the way, you will soar & you will fail and fall, and spectacularly renew! It is, an ultimate magical mystery tour. When you fall, go back to the scenario, go back to the vision and remember your mission & map. Work the steps & the process, this is the recipe for your personal renaissance and life affirming enduring direction.


A brilliant book for today?s legion of soul-seekers! Jungian psychology can sometimes seem like a sleeping giant, made by the old for the old. This book, with its well-informed approach, wakes the giant up.?
~ Andrew Samuels, Professor of Analytical Psychology, University Of Essex; Author, Jung And The Post-Jungians, London , United Kingdom.
?Michael invites readers to travel into their inner lives and rebuild their destinies, while he effortlessly takes us through Jungian concepts, world myths and stories of life in multiple cultures and continents. As Michael deftly shows in this book, DestinyOS is a symbolic journey and a way to renew by throwing open the gates to the future.?
~ Sulagna Sengupta, M.A., Member, India Jung Centre, Bangalore, India

?DestinyOS is an exciting practical book about changing your life and saving the world! It fuses insightful Jungian psychology with indigenous wisdom and futuristics to show how we can think differently, be who we want to be and work in the world we want to have. DestinyOS is a liberation from ?stuckness? and a recipe for creative and transformational living in the 21st century. Every college student should read it before graduation ? the rest of us need it to reboot our lives and reinvigorate the quest for meaning and being.?
~ Susan Rowland (PhD) Chair: MA Engaged Humanties and the Creative Life, Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA. Author Jung: A Feminist Revision (2002); Remembering Dionysus (2017). California, USA.

?With DestinyOS, Michael Glock is conducting a worthy experiment of bringing the older cultural traditions of Jungian and other depth psychologies into dialogue with the emerging, futuristic high technology culture that is rapidly transforming the metaphors, attitudes and ways in which we think about and explore our inner lives and the world around us.?
~ Thomas Singer, M.D. Co-author of The Cultural Complex, Europe?s Many Souls, Ancient Greece/Modern Psyche & others. CA., USA


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