Science fiction

Glory on Mars: Mars Colonization Book 1 Kindle Edition by Kate Rauner (Author)

Glory on Mars

by Kate Rauner  (Author) Emma’s one-way journey to Mars is careening towards disaster. She came to explore in her robotic walkabout suit, but something is terribly wrong at the new colony. Crippled by an inexplicable sense of desolation, with friends lost to suicide and a traumatic accident, this international team battles human frailties and the real dangers …

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Of Beasts and Men (Far Earth Anthology) (Volume 1) Paperback ? February 26, 2017 by Anike Kirsten (Author)

Of Beasts and Men

A Pocket Novel of Injustice, Redemption, and Betrayal Of Beasts and Men by Anike Kirsten ?With its social and political insights, Of Beasts and Men is a different kind of sci-fi drama, blending hard science with a societal focus rarely seen in the genre. It?s recommended for leisure readers who want a healthy dose of …

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