Changing Habits Paperback ? December 4, 2017 by Pat W Coffey (Author)

Changing Habits

by Pat W Coffey  (Author) Bullets flew. One pierced Sophie’s shoulder, another killed her date. The Chicago teacher’s plans for graduate school vaporized like the evidence at the crime scene. Her family believed they buried her. The Agency stashed Sophie in a Utah convent. The murder, Dominic Caruso, captured. He refused to cooperate until Sophie returns his …

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Remembering Death (Parker DuPont, P.I.) (Volume 2) Paperback ? April 23, 2017 by James Paddock (Author)

Remembering Death

by Parker DuPont Lester Winters, in early stages of Alzheimer?s, submits to an experimental procedure (a pacemaker for his brain) to restore his memory. He first recalls a dead woman who, it is assumed by his wife, is his mother from years past. As weeks go by and Lester?s ?pacemaker? does its job, he recalls …

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Reprehensible Kindle Edition by A E Chambers (Author)


Cassie Foxwood would live a reasonably quiet life if it were not for two people. A dowager aunt who requests she discover the truth about her granddaughter’s new fianc?, and her best friend, Daisy, who needs assistance when her nine year old son is caught with unsavoury contents his schoolbag. Armed only with her wits …

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