The Chakra Diaries Paperback ? November 22, 2010 by Becca Chopra (Author)

The Chakra Diaries

by Becca Chopra  (Author) Free for ebook download from February 10-14. The Chakra Diaries is a literary romance, but with emotional, intellectual and spiritual nuances that would appeal to anyone interested in love. Whether you’re an avid yogi or yogini or have never heard of chakras, you’ll find this look at the human condition and the miracles …

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Midway to China and Beyond Kindle Edition by Gary Bromberg (Author), Gina Roitman (Author)

Midway to China and Beyond

by Gary Bromberg (Author), Gina Roitman (Author) An insightful and humorous personal take on what doing business with China was like during the late 60s through to the 2000s. In this biography by Gina Roitman, Canadian businessman and born storyteller, Gary Bromberg, shares his adventures and the lessons learned while representing China during the historic …

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