Awakening by D.N.Frost

BOOK 1: by D.N.Frost

Awakening by D.N.Frost
Awakening by D.N.Frost
Centuries ago, the prophetic Golden Age ended in war,
and history spiraled into darkness. Now, only scholars retain the last portent of the mythic city A’lara, concealed in a distant glade for the advent of the dragon mage.

At the edge of the Known World, the slave Larin escapes her new lord before she meets his dark masters. Deep in the mountains, the legendary elf Kingard awaits his call to battle. When young Darek flees imperial mages tasked to exterminate shape-shifters, he launches them all on a voyage to redeem their unsought destiny.

United by fate and guided by prophesy, their growing band of fugitives journey for A’lara to fight the ancient evil infiltrating the capital. But looming over the gears of fate, their enemies follow the same prophesies. With the unknown close upon them, Kingard and his allies face a mortal quest to restore their infected empire.

Awakening is a potent tale of self-discovery. It evokes freedom and introspection. It explores destiny. It causes us to re-examine what it means to be ourselves.

It talks about the grandeur of human endeavor, and the ways our limitations shape the future. It probes our aching need for purpose in life, and it follows that insatiable quest for meaning through the process of questioning and disillusion.

Awakening speaks to the spark in all of us, with a single powerful message: that a great destiny awaits, if only we allow ourselves to become great.

Seize your freedom with Larin. Dare the unknown with Tirrok. Cease your waiting with Kingard. Accept the unplanned with Vithril. Commit to greatness with Jorn.

Experience this gripping fantasy adventure and discover yourself within.

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