All Men Tell Lies the 2nd Edition by Maverick Ice


All Men Tell Lies is a story of a man that regales you with tales of his relationships that eventually turns into life lessons as he grows as a man. Maverick Ice is a new author who comes off as risqu’e and cool and not afraid of challenges. He wrote “All Men Tell Lies” as a guide to finding the right man through knowledge and his own experiences.?


CKcy6_eUEAACNgEMaverick Ice is a new author who comes from a small town?full of potential, but not always with opportunities. He always felt he was?different and was often told that he had a different side to him, so he?embraced it. The author Maverick Ice was derived from being risque and?cool; he is not afraid of challenges. He grew up in a single parent home?with his mother and two nieces. He was the youngest of five children, which?consists of one brother and three sisters. His motivation came from when?his family lost their home. They had to stay in a motel not fit for a?family, and the author quickly realized he had to step up and be the man?for his family. That experience built character and from that moment, he?told himself that he was never going back to that situation.
That moment in?his life changed everything. He went from a guy that was searching to be?accepted, to a man making his own decisions. In a life filled with many?highs and lows, he always vowed that he would write a book. He decided to?write ?All Men Tell Lies? based off of his own experiences and lessons that?he learned. He felt if he was going to bring light to a situation he?believed it had to start from him and his own self reflection. His?intentions and hope for readers is that they receive knowledge and have an?open mind that even though all men are created equal, everyone comes from?various backgrounds and environments. When the author says, ?All Men Tell?Lies? he doesn?t mean that all men are liars. The truth is that, there are?a lot of good men out there, but patience is key and growth is inevitable.

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